Seventeen-year-old Miranda Wolford was born Deaf, though it took her years to realize it. She thought everyone could hear the cacophony of voices that surrounded her—but those voices belong to the dead, and they are the only things Miranda can hear.

When a ghost leads Miranda to a missing child and his murderer, she tries to enlist the police; but between the communication barrier and the insane story, she can’t make them understand.

The murderer is on the loose. To stop them, Miranda will have to take matters into her own hands.

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Praise for The Ties Eternal

“The author gives us a complete story with hints that there could be more to come. […] All in all, a satisfying story with a fresh heroine.”

“There’s only so many different ways and contexts for me to say/use the word “phenomenal.””

“I really love this series, not only for the vivid descriptions and fluid writing, or the unique storylines, or that I can devour the whole story in a couple hours…I could go on and on.”


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