A no-nonsense list of my books, published and planned. The titles are arranged by universe and listed in chronological order within the universe. Links go to Goodreads.

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The Trident Chronicles

Novels and other tales set in the fantasy world of Arido, an empire founded on magic and lies.

The Kavanagh Quartet

The Healer and the Serpent (working title)

The Warrior and the Waste (working title)

The Oracle and the ??? (working title)

The Witchling and the Dragon (working title)


The Traitor’s Tunnel (June 2017)


The Guerline Cycle

From Under the Mountain (January 2016)

From Out of the Forest (January 2018)

The Marion Cycle

From Inside the City (working title)

From Over the Ocean (working title)

The Firmament

A gothic paranormal universe encompassing several series, with an overlapping cast of characters thrust forever out of their normal lives and onto frightening new paths.

[Author’s note: Some of these novellas are currently available. I will be reissuing them in single volumes in the coming years, but they’re all currently free on Amazon if you want to read them before The Longing and the Lack comes out later this year.]

The Arbiters

I See the Skull | I See the Scales | I See the Web


A Single Thread | The Ties Eternal | From This Calligraphy

The Unliving

The Longing and the Lack (September 2017)

Since Death’s Erasure (Fall 2018)

The Deathly Handler (Fall 2019)

Last Letters

The Fate of Morgan Fletcher | The Death of Miranda Wolford | The Judgment of Lucinda Hightower