Following my The Traitor’s Tunnel playlist in what may be a new tradition, to celebrate the cover reveal for The Longing and the Lack, I put together a playlist of songs that I listened to while writing the manuscript! 😀

This book is quite different from T3. It’s single-POV, for one thing, centered on protagonist Lucinda Hightower. Lucinda is eighteen, smart, naturally suspicious, and has been haunted by death omens her entire life. She’s possibly my favorite character from any of the things I’ve ever written. If you liked Fiona or Ianthe from From Under the Mountain, you will *love* Lucinda.

Here is her theme song: Be Brave – My Brightest Diamond

Though the book is only from Lucinda’s perspective, her romance with Damien Reed is a very large part of the story. Damien is cut from the charming, handsome, inscrutable character cloth that so many of us love; he successfully woos his way past Lucinda’s barriers, which makes this the perfect theme song for him.

Damien’s theme song: Woman – City and Colour

This isn’t a Happily Ever After romance story, but their relationship still has a theme song in my head–two, in fact. One for the soft moments, and one for the hard.

Poison & Wine – the Civil Wars

War of Hearts – Ruelle

The Longing and the Lack is also a lot darker than T3. So here are a couple of other songs that set the tone for me.

Boris – Lo-Fang

Take Me to Church – Hozier

“Distrust” by Ailbhe Reddy could also double as a theme song for the whole damn book:

But perhaps the best thing about this manuscript was that it helped me discover one of my favorite bands from high school…that’s right. Evanescence. I may have put this song on repeat while working on the dramatic conclusion of The Longing and the Lack.


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