Overly Ambitious, or Just Ambitious Enough?: October Updates

Hello lovely people!

This has been quite a year so far for me. From Under the Mountain was published, I went to three cons (with two more still to come), I took over as Marketing Director at REUTS, and came out as agender.

I’ve been writing pretty steadily through the year, but it’s occurred to me that unless you follow me on Twitter (and even if you do, since info moves quickly offscreen there), you may not know where things stand. SO I’m going to return to a regular use of this blog and my newsletter.

The Format

Once a month, I’ll post a brief, general project update here on the blog. The same day, my newsletter subscribers will get a more detailed update, as well as first looks at the works-in-progress.

In an effort to make time to practice my art, I’m going to start doing a minimum of one project a month, using a couple of pictures as inspiration. Newsletter subscribers will have the opportunity to submit inspiration pictures every month for the next month’s project. The inspiration pics and finished work will be shown here as well as the newsletter; newsletter subscribers will also get to see in-progress pictures and maybe time-lapse videos.

I’ll also do “What I’m Reading” videos live on Facebook one week after the newsletter goes out, talking about the books I read the previous month and picking books to read for the following month. Newsletter subscribers can also let me know what they are reading for a shout-out in the video.

On to the updates!

The Writing

I’m still working on a prequel novella about Theodor Warren and Bridget Camlin, two of From Under the Mountain‘s favorite secondary characters. My word counts have been unsteady on this project, thanks to a couple of factors. It is very easy for me to pour all my energy into something else–in this case, the REUTS marketing department–and my own writing tends to suffer as a result. Add in the fact that I’ve never written from Theodor’s perspective before and didn’t know him quite as well as my other characters, plus a bit of existential angst over my inability to plot small stories, and you get low or nonexistent word counts.

I’m on a new schedule now that requires writing time equal to marketing time, and this week has been a definite improvement; already I’ve added 5500 words to the manuscript and topped my original total word count goal. I’ve reached the climax, and I may even be able to finish the novella next week.

The Art

There has been no art this month. If my writing tends to suffer in the face of the weight of marketing obligations, my art is what suffers in the interest of my word counts. I’m definitely struggling with the fact that there seem to just not be enough hours in the day. My mornings are for marketing; my afternoons are for writing. And I’ve certainly had ideas for art, both personal and illustrative pieces. But I can’t for the life of me figure out when to work on them. My evenings are all taken up and my weekends have their own demands.

Hopefully I’ll have something better to share next month.

The Reading

It was rather ambitious of me to think I could film and edit a video in addition to all the other work I’m trying to do (and failing to do, in the art category). So instead, the plan is to do a Facebook live video on my author page next Thursday, October 13th at 12:30 pm PST. Newsletter subscribers get to share what they’re reading and get a shoutout in the video. *wink wink nudge nudge*

The Housekeeping

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